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Hamann SRL is an importer and distributor of a wide range of supplies for the industrial field, for manufacturing processes, maintenance and repair activities of cars, trucks and agricultural machinery.   Our team consisting of people well experienced in distribution, is prepared to provide effective technical solutions as well as competitive commercial offers for the problems you are experiencing, currently or occasionally during your activity.


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We provide consultancy to clients in search for specific technical solutions or products for applications in their field. In order to offer you the best advice we need the complete technical information on the application for that you want a new technical solution. This service is free, but the provision of products and equipment will be made under a commercial contract.

Designing special industrial valves

In case you need special valves with parameters out of standards, we are able to design specialty valves on your specific request. In order to draw up a quotation we need exact information on: temperature, diameter DN, working fluid, pressure, material. These valves will be supplied under a commercial contract.

Lab analysis

Together with our partner Kurita GmbH, a leader in the field of waste industrial water treatment, we offer technical guidance and consultancy to our industrial customers, and to the local and national authorities. We collect waste water probes for laboratory testing in order to determine the adequate treatment.


We provide this service to the clients that can no longer get certain products, because these are discontinued from the manufacturer’s range, or to those who want to diminish their costs, opting for products with a more convenient quality/price ratio. In order to offer this service we will need the Technical Data Sheet, Safety Sheet, as well as the technical specification of the product for that you want an equalization offer.

Onsite delivery

We provide free delivery, through fast delivery couriers, for orders over 300 lei (VAT not included) and weighing maximum 40 kg. For orders with a value less than 300 lei or weighing more than 40 kg, we will charge a transport fee that will be mentioned in the quotation.



  • +40 268 - 474 363

  • office@hamann.ro

  • Calea Făgărașului, No. 59, Brașov.