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Why Choose Hamann


Our commitment
is to provide services and products to fulfill our clients’ needs and expectations. Our team consisting of people well experienced in distribution is prepared to provide effective technical solutions as well as competitive commercial offers for the problems you are experiencing, currently or occasionally during your activity.


Business Ethics

We have well defined norms regarding the ethics of business, to be followed by all employees that ensure the success of our relationship with the clients and suppliers.

We Gained Our Partners’ Trust

We are very proud of the long term relationship with our clients. We succeeded due to the quality and price of our products, our presale services, and the strict observance of the terms and conditions of the quotations. All these factors allowed us to establish our position as an important supplier for many top manufacturers.
Keeping close to our clients and watching the market requests we adapted our offer both for those interested in high quality products – OEM products- and for those with diminished production and maintenance budget. For them we chose a range of products Aftermarket,  affordable even for lower budgets, providing though an excellent price/quality ratio.
Each quality level has its own market segment and we find it important to offer options from each segment, at the same time providing support in the process of analyze and selection of offers.



Our chosen suppliers are well established manufacturers being all the same pioneers of technical innovation in their activity domain.
The issues that we look at when choosing to promote the products or services of a certain supplier are: the quality of their products, their orientation towards the end user, their investments in RD of new products, the benefits that we could offer to our clients, their involvement in minimizing the effects on the environment, and last but not the least the quality/price ratio of their products.

We Take Part at Your Success

Our collaboration with both domestic and foreign partners enables us to give you access to the most innovative and competitive technologies of the moment.
We are interested in creating long term relationships based on mutual trust. In order to be competitive we provide custom-made offers, adapted on our clients’ requirements.
We can provide specific solutions for each client’s activity.


We Take Responsibility

Dealing with chemicals involves responsibility for the environment. In order to comply both with the commitment to the clients and the policies of environmental protection,we provide safe storage and transportation of the products, in accordance with the current norms.